A Comprehensive Set of Tools and Services


Automatic Daily Rankings Check

Tracking of website rankings over time.

Multiple Search Engine Support

Google, Baidu, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo.co.jp, including localization for various countries.

Geographic Flexibility

Scan SERPs through various countries (via proxies) to receive the most accurate information.

Protect Your Privacy, Avoid Blocks

Track large quantities of keywords without revealing or blocking your IP address.

Discover New Keywords

Get new keyword suggestions from SEMRush.

Smart Traffic Estimate

Receive search amount data from Yandex WordStat and Google AdWords.

Website Analysis

Google Updates Analysis

Automatic tracking and displaying of the effects of Google updates (Panda, Penguin, etc.) and their impact on the website.

Onpage Scanning And Validation

Webpage SEO audit scanning and solution suggestions.

Historic W3C markup validation analysis results for you websites.

Google Search Console

Ongoing Google Search Console monitoring.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic Sources Breakdown

Analyze your traffic sources with the most important metrics from Google Analytics.

Conversion Data for Different Traffic Channels

See how you perform over different mediums, including important data such as goal values, conversion rates, etc.

Provided vs. Not-Provided Traffic

Get a deeper understanding of your organic keywords using metrics such as bounce rate, etc.

Mobile Traffic Analysis

Learn about your mobile traffic by device category, device manufacturer or specific device models.

Detect bad UX by analyzing bounce rate and goal values per device.


Generate Reports Quickly

Produce comprehensive, personalized reports at the click of a button.

Highly Customizable

Additional control of report components, optional attachment of custom texts.

Choose how to display your information; show only starred keywords, filter specific niches by rankings.

White Label Service

Add your custom company logo and text to appear in your client reports.

Flexible Output Format

Export reports as PDF and Microsoft Word files.

Scheduled Reports

Automated report scheduling for you and your clients.


Automatic Competitor Tracking

Track your niche competitors, keep monitoring them automatically while maintaining full historical data.

Produce comparative reports of your website performance vs. that of you competitors.

Analyze Competitor's Backlinks

A detailed status of your competitor’s backlinks profile.

Understand Your Competitors

View various reports from your competitors point of view. Discover how they see their data.


Keyword Researches

Create one-time researches that won't be counted against your keywords limit.

Highly Scalable Batch URLs Research

Competitiveness and quality analysis for large URL lists.

Backlink Deep Profiling

Analyze your own link profile or that of your competitors.

Find out your competitors' most powerful links.

Work Management

Multi-User System Support

A highly customizable user management system which allows you to implement your role-based or project-based permissions into ZEFO.

Complete with full action history and per user reports.

Consolidated & Organized Documentation

Documentation of all work activity being performed on multiple websites.

Communicate using the notes system and save your work more efficiently in a single location accessible by all relevant users.

Create custom fields, view and edit their entries per site.

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