We care about your privacy and will do our best to protect it, subject to this Privacy Policy (the "Policy") and our binding Terms of Use (the "Terms").

Herein we will describe the kinds of information we may collect, possible uses of such information and other related various issues.



If you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact our staff at privacy@zefo.com.


What PII We Collect and How

When you access any of the Services, you provide both information you knowingly choose to disclose and also some information collected by us as you interact with the Software.

Such information may or may not be personally identifying information ("PII").

We may collect any of the following PII: (1) information you disclose to us (such as your user name, email address, physical address, password you use with the Software, credit card details or token, and any other information you might actively supply us with (such data may be changed by you at any time using your account definitions page); (2) PII we may collect on you and your use of the Software and Services, by cookies or other devices or codes, such as the time of use, the kind of use, the number of users, the content of the Reports we produce for you, websites and pages you have visited, your Internet Protocol address, browser type, language,  etc.; (3) PII we may collect for you from the Internet or otherwise either by your direct permission (such as when you supply us with your analytics account details) or publicly available information; (4) contact details and other third-party details of your consenting clients submitted to us by you when you require our reports, any data relating to certain aspects of such request by you (such as time of request, location, browser or device identity, your IP address, and similar details, information related to your use of ZEFO's various services, reports you may produce, etc., and (5) any other communication we exchange, either digital, printed or otherwise.

Should you decide you do not wish to enable cookies in your web-browser, sadly we will not be able to supply you with the Services or part thereof, and we cannot be responsible for that. Please make sure your browser has cookies enabled.

Nevertheless, the scope of the information you choose to share with us, may effect the results you receive from the Services, in a manner that they will not be as good as they could have been or services that might not be provided to you.


Using Reports or the Software

You may NOT use the Reports or the Software to any purpose or use and in any manner not specifically allowed in this Policy or in the Terms, including but not limited  to offer competing services (of SEO analyzing tools). Any unauthorized use or misuse is a violation of this Policy and the Terms and allows the Site to hold any legal actions, including but not limited - injunction.


Possible Use and Disclosure of the PII we hold

We highly believe in protecting your privacy and we understand the economical nature of the PII we may collect. Therefore, we do not sell or rent your “PII” to any third party, and especially make no sale to third parties of any of your data included in your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster accounts. We may, however, use certain information about you that is not personally, as described below.

We use reasonable protection mechanisms to prevent unauthorized gathering of PII from our servers.

The main use of the PII we may collect is for formulating the best advice in our opinion in order to optimize the search engine optimization of the site you track, better supply you with interesting information about key phrases and other sites and in general – perform the Services you may require.

Nevertheless, we may also use the PII we obtain for various purposes. For example: to improve the Services we provide, to add other Services, to monitor usage of the Software and the Services, billing, identification of our users using the Software, client relationship, research, etc.

We may also use the PII in order to "retarget" you and offer you (in various manners) other products of services we believe may be of interest to you, based on the PII we hold.

Please note that some of the PII we collect and use while servicing you and preparing your Reports, is information that is publicly available on the Internet, and we may use the same information in various manners, for various purposes and for several third parties and ourselves.

You hereby accept that such publicly available PII is not considered confidential and we may make any use we choose with it.

We do not share any PII about you with any third parties, except our service providers, various search engines and applications for the purpose of bettering the Reports you receive, retargeting, etc.

We may also disclose any kind of PII collected by us to third parties if we believe that such disclosure is required: (1) to conform to any legal requirements (such as law, regulation, court or governmental decision or request, etc.) of any jurisdiction or to respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other legal process, whether or not a response is required by applicable law; (2) to enforce our Terms of Use, the agreement with you or to protect any of our rights and interests; or (3) to protect the safety, health, wealth or property of other persons or entities.

We will never sell your details and contact details to anyone else, but we may transfer any and all information collected, PII or otherwise, to a successor in interest that acquires rights to that information as a result of the sale, merger, acquisition (in whole or in part) or any other transaction with us.

Please bear in mind that any PII collected and stored by the Software or due to using the Services, may be accessible for any reason by our employees, which we do sign them up on non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and enforce them.

By clicking on the relevant box below, you specifically allow us (or others for us) to send you commercial email regarding our or their services and products. Should you ever wish to remove yourself from such list of email recipient, please notify us using the "unsubscribe" link and we will act expeditiously to affect your wish.



We may send anyone opting-in to our list newsletters regarding various SEO and other issues and including interesting commercial opportunities. At any time any of our newsletters may be unwelcome, please feel free to unsubscribe and we will do our best not to send you further newsletters.


Storing, Transmitting and Processing of PII

Please note that our servers are located in Israel, and any analysis of the PII is conducted there. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to change the venue of our servers or where any information is analyzed to any other country, and we will update this Policy in any such case.

We may also use third party vendors to store certain or all information and provide us with the requires storage, hardware, networking facilities and other required technology needed to operate the Services.

Therefore, the use of the Services may include transmission of your information over various networks and adaptation of various technologies. You acknowledge that we have no responsibility over such processes.



The Reports may contain links to other websites. Of course we will not responsible for the privacy practices of those other web sites. Please be cautious when you use other websites and follow their privacy statement as well.


Third Party Advertising on the Site and Services

The Services may include third party advertisements, commercial offers and retargeting mechanisms. Please note that such advertisements and offers are governed only by the parties advertising them and we have no control over their content, their links, their use of cookies or their privacy policies. Please conduct yourself carefully and appropriately.

Nevertheless, we do not provide any PII of any kind to third-party advertising companies.


Changing or Removing PII

You may amend or delete or change any PII gathered about you. Yet, should you not require us to, we may not amend or delete any PII whatsoever.

To do so, please contact us using the "Contact Us" buttons or the privacy@zefo.com, inform us of the information you wish to change, what change you wish to make and identify yourself in a manner that will allow us to know that you are the legitimate user this information regards with.


Changes in the Privacy Policy

We may make any changes to this Privacy Policy at any time and post a notice on the top of this page about such change with a link to the previous Policy.

It is your obligation to be kept up-to-date with any change to this Policy, as you are bound by any such change should you decide to continue use of the software and services after any such change. Should you not agree with any such change, please cease immediately any and all uses of the Software and Services, and we will refund you for any period not used by you do to your disagreement with such change.


Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the "Contact Us" page, at our "report Content" button at certain pages or by using privacy@zefo.com, at your convenience.


(*) This Privacy Policy adds to the Terms of Use of the Site, as detailed herein. The definitions as set in the Terms apply to this Privacy Policy as well.