ZEFO Provides You with a Comprehensive Set of Tools and Services

Rank Tracking and Monitoring

Check your rankings periodically: ZEFO supports different search engines – Google, Baidu, Yandex, Bing, including their localized versions.

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ZEFO Keyword Rankings

SEO Reports

Produce customized reports with a single click: control over the report’s content is entirely in your hands, you choose how to display your information. Our white label tools will allow you to add your own customized logo and design to reports created for your clients.

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Competitor Monitoring

ZEFO lets you analyze your competitors, track them automatically, and produce comparative reports for your website’s performance against the competition. Get an in-depth look into your competitors’ link profile, and view reports from their perspective as well.

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Backlink Management Tool

With ZEFO you can get detailed information about the backlinks of any website or URL, even for your competitors . Easily document and manage backlinks for your website, receive automatic alerts to your email when your backlinks are down, or when other important changes occur.

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Website Diagnosis

ZEFO automatically tracks and monitors for different Google Algorithm updates that had an impact on your website, and indicates their effects. Additionally, you can your site’s pages for various SEO errors and get recommendations for solutions.

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Task Management

ZEFO’s user permission system allows you choose the way you work: by project, or company roles. Every user’s action history is saved. Document your work efficiently under one centralized system that’s accessible to all relevant users.

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Connect ZEFO’s data to other systems with our flexible and easy-to-use API, export to Google Sheets and create customized reports in Data Studio.

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Traffic Analysis

ZEFO lets you analyze your traffic channels with the aid of all the most important metrics from Google Analytics, allows you to see your performance over different traffic channels, and provides you with an in-depth understanding of organic keywords .

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