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We started our way as an SEO agency in 2005. Throughout the years we’ve been combining technology with SEO, and developing specialized tools to use in our internal projects. In 2010 we’ve decided to dedicate ourselves to what we love the most – software development! We’ve discontinued our consulting services and focused entirely on the development of ZEFO.

:Since then we are guided by a few important principles

  • 1

    Any task that can be automated –
    should be automated.

  • 2

    Knowledge is power, and historical knowledge is information that will no longer be obtainable in the future.

    Alongside advanced analyses, we preserve all the information we’ve gathered –
    All search results, all data sources.

  • 3

    Don’t provide an excess of information, don’t provide insufficient information.

    SEOs require info from many sources in order to reach accurate conclusions. ZEFO draws information from over 20 different sources (and additional sources of data are constantly being added).

    On the other hand, an overflow of data can obscure the most important information.
    We carefully select the data that is incorporated into every screen to ensure any information you’ll see will be valuable.

  • 4

    Information must be reliable.

    We invest great resources to gather the most accurate data.

.We’re happy to share our way of internet marketing with you

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