In Depth Understanding of the Competition

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Automatic Competitor Detection

Automatically detect other websites that are competing for your keywords.
מילות המפתח של המתחרים

Competitor Keywords

Receive a list of keywords your competitor is optimizing with one click. Discover your competitors’ marketing strategy to get a lead on the competition.
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Understand the Competition

Comparison reports for your website against the competitor’s website, and additional reports that let you understand how your competitors see their search results.

Competitor Link Analysis

Get details about your competitor’s link profile via integration with Ahrefs.

Automatic Competitor Website Detection in Search Results

The system scans search engine results to automatically detect websites that are trying to rank for the same keywords as you. The Competition in SEO is not limited to direct business competition, and often involves having to compete with websites that rank high for keywords that are important to you. ZEFO automatically detects these competitors for you and keeps you informed of their activity.

Discover Your Competitors’ Keywords

To beat the competition, you need good intelligence. ZEFO can provide you with just that by locating lists of keywords that your competitors are optimizing with one click. This tool is also useful in finding potentially optimizable keywords that can match your own website.

Site Explorer – Analyze Competitor Links

Research competitor websites and discover the URLs and pages linking back to them. ZEFO will provide you with this important information via integration with Ahrefs. Get an in-depth look at your competitors’ link profile and anchor breakdown to stay ahead of the competition.

See Reports from Your Competitors’ Perspective

Ranking reports can be seen from your competitor’s point of view – to better understand how your competitors see their website rankings and changes over time. Documentation begins the moment you start competitor tracking, and is kept for as long you are using the system. If a new competitor appears today for example, you’ll be able to track their progress on Google from the day tracking for your website was initiated. This tool is particularly useful in helping to understand what’s really going on with your competitors, as well as a marketing tool for the presentation of competitor status.

Understand Your Competitors with Comparative Reports

What do you require to stay ahead of the competition? Does your competitor have stronger backlinks? More content? Comparative reports will let you see how your website is performing against the competition to help you find out about your competitor’s strengths, and guide you towards the actions that are required to face the competition – and win.

The professionals work with ZEFO

Zafo customer: Digitouch

Eyal Rahamim


At our SEO department, just like morning coffee, ZEFO has become an inseparable part of action and activity. Whether it’s one project or 150 projects, ZEFO always provides us with accurate and reliable data and helps us every day to improve performances. Undoubtedly an essential system for any SEO.

Zafo customer-Digitouch-Eyal Rahamim

Jack Chetrit

Fullpower Ltd.

The ZEFO system is without a doubt the backbone of SEO management at Fullpower! The whole team works with it every day, all day. We’re very satisfied and warmly recommend it.

Zafo customer: Jack Chetrit
Zefo customers:Nekuda

Gilad Sasson


ZEFO helps us stay in control and receive important and specific alerts out of huge amounts of keywords, rankings, and competitor data, the daily, weekly and monthly reports save our work time and shed light on points for improvement and our future SEO strategy.

Zefo customer: Gilad Sasson
Zafo customer: Eli Sasi

Eli Sasi

Eli Sasi SEO

What I love about ZEFO is that beyond the incredibly accurate rank checking and a super convenient interface, I have the ability to receive super critical and important data for a small and a large website as one, with one click. Critical data for the success of every SEO project. Keep on doing good.

Zafo customer: Eli Sasi
Zafo customet-Wisy

Ido Sela


We’ve been working with ZEFO for years at Wisy – the system has proven itself to be superior to its competitors in its ranking accuracy on a daily basis.
It’s super important that Nir the owner, has an in-depth understanding of SEO and knows the needs of agencies perfectly, and they’re also open to discussions, changes and improvements. In addition to being very good and service-oriented people.

Zafo customer-Wisy-Ido Sela
Zefo customers-A-2-Z

Alon Zakai

A-2-Z Internet Accessibility and Digital Marketing

A-2-Z’s SEO department was among the first in the country to adopt ZEFO for our clients. Today ZEFO is a key tool for us in monitoring website errors, keyword rankings, and ongoing analysis reports. The system is being updated constantly so we can always be at the leading edge of technology for our customers. Wishing us many more years of fruitful cooperation.

Zefo customer-Alon Zakai
Zefo customers:extra-digital

Yossi Cohen

We’ve been working with ZEFO for several years now, and there’s no doubt that the system is the best solution for SEOs, with its daily rank tracking and report production. It’s important that I note the personal service by the guys at ZEFO that know to provide answers, support, and solutions to every request. ZEFO allows us to take an extensive look at every website and every SEO on the team, to analyze and improve our processes and performances.

Yossi Cohen- Extra
Zefo customers : Optiwise

Nitzan Sinansky


I’ve been working with the ZEFO system for quite a few years, and it saved me thousands of hours of work over the years, and helped me specialize in the work that I do. Asides from the system’s superior functionality, ZEFO’s customer service is no less than amazing. I definitely recommend it to marketing company owners, as well as any private website owners that do their own marketing.

Zefo customers: Optiwise

Gilad Kamer


ZEFO provides the perfect solution! We’ve been very happy with ZEFO for several years now, and I’ll favorably note that the listening, help, customer service, desire to learn, and even upgrade and improve the system constantly, are at the forefronts of these wonderful people’s minds. I highly recommend the ZEFO system to any business owner or professional company.

לקוחות זפו - גלעד ששון

Asael Dreyer

Asael SEO

I came across it about 3 years ago in a digital convention. From the very first moment, it was clear to me that it was a well-oiled system that can create order in the whole issue of SEO project management, and is definitely worth the requested price. I have no doubt that the system will benefit any SEO project manager, especially after they find out about the feature of producing monthly reports with a click. I warmly recommend!

Asael Dreyer
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