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With more and more competitors in the market, Google has become more and more dynamic; it has taken different methods from discovery platforms such as Taboola or Outbrain, search results offering similarities like Facebook or Twitter when you like or follow a page and more.

A couple of months back, Google rolled out a “people also ask” features, like in this example:

So as you can see, we asked why the chicken crossed the road and we received three results of similar questions or similar riddles.

Now Google has updated this feature with a dynamic loading one, like this one:

This is a nifty feature that could perhaps help in SEO endeavors; now marketers would have to go for longtail keywords, as Google will be looking for similar questions and answers from different sources.

In the example above, the first one is naturally from Facebook while others were fetched from whois and the likes, last one talking about removing an editor in a Facebook page’s roles.

We do not know yet if this could also be answered with Adwords – as in “what is the best way to drive traffic to my site” and instead of just seeing three-four different ads on top, marketers could now compete for the three placements in the “people also ask” and offer a somewhat “native” experience in comparison to an ad that is marked as one.

It could also be a way to combat discovery platforms as the ones featured above, as marketers could now use Google the same way they use discovery platforms to drive traffic to their websites and partner websites, something that has been going on for a good couple of years now and is now a superpower fight between Facebook and Taboola and it’s a known fact that Google wants to take on these two at the same time.


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