Hey guys,

  • We started a whole new month!
  • Last month we had a couple of interesting things:
  • We had Valentine’s Day

We had Google replacing its solid green ad label to a green outlined one

We found out that Google’s Featured Answers shouldn’t be featured in the first place

What does that mean?

Apparently, if you had searched “US Presidents that were in the KKK” you would receive presidents that had inconclusive evidence against that were in the KKK.

These are just rumors with no factual basis, and still they were featured:

Yes, naturally people shouldn’t believe everything they read, but that is exactly why fake news were so popular up until a couple of months back – because people do believe in what they read online.

If only this has been the only time Google made such a mistake.

Two years ago, a question about “what happened to the dinosaurs” sent people into a creationism website.

Three years ago, Google actually said that Obama was the king of America:

We aren’t saying that Google is infallible, but we are saying that if we can’t use trust the internet to provide us with real facts, than it doesn’t matter where we find them and if we believe angels fly around us, right?

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