Back in 2000 there was this movie called “What women want” about a guy who gets electrocuted who wakes up able to read women’s minds and use this knowledge to get ahead with both women and in business. .

Being able to read people’s minds has been a wish of the human race for ages, especially businessmen and politicians.

Machine learning is the next best thing, with deep learning being implemented into search algorithms as a method of predicting what users actually meant.

RankBrain is already doing it, by learning what specific users are actually looking for and offering results based on former searches a user has made; thus offering a better experience to the user.

We all know that content is king, therefore entwining it with great experience and offering only relevant search results is what we, as marketers, strive for.

By learning our users behaviour and fixing what should be mended and not adding irrelevant content, we can engage our users better and rank higher in search results.

The main premise of RankBrain is to actually interpret never before seen words and get unsearched for queries into the search, thus providing more effective search returns.

RankBrain ranks third in most important factors in search, while content and links are ranked second and first, accordingly.

Meaning, we should now make sure that we match the keywords we promote not only to the website we market, but also to the segments that create our target market.

Now, it does sound to some as more work and naturally more technical skill needed, but it isn’t – it simplifies the process but makes sure you stay relevant and not use words but keywords.

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