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So, this past week we have told you about the great meetup we had on Sunday, how the importing of Adwords campaigns to Bing could work if tweaked accordingly and naturally if we should or shouldn’t use scripts to find out if our website has been crawled entirely.

What about our exposure, though?

We now know that Google (as well as other search engines) reward us for having good content with being ranked higher.

But what is behind good content? We could write the best damn content on the planet and hardly find one person to read it.

What we should do, is create SEO personas – ask these important questions:

  • Who is my client?
  • Where does one live?
  • What does that person desire?

Once we have answers to these questions, we can tailor our content based on it.

Let’s research relevant keywords, create semantics – if a person is looking for pizza, that person is hungry; if that person is interested in knowing how to crawl one’s website correctly or asked about the Googlebot, that person is interested in SEO.

Keywords are fantastic to lure people to our website, but how do we keep these engaged?


The topic should be engaging and edgy – don’t be afraid to be sassy with what you write. Don’t be afraid to put your mind into it as not go with the flow – A key element of virality is shock – if you shock people, they will share the shocking news with others.

But, it’s not just the shock behind it, but the profound idea that comes with it – if you lack good word masonry, hire it.

Keyword research and adding good taglines to your header will get you so far, but fantastic content that is released daily or even three times a week (and shared) would get you there faster and improve your overall ranking on search engines.

Don’t forget to share on social media, have friends, colleagues, partners, anyone for that matter share the word.

Invite people to engage with your content – either on a blog you run for the website or via posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, the works.

Invite people who engaged with your content on social media to like your Facebook page and then lure them into your blog or website (either by some promotion or asking for their opinion). Don’t ever try to persuade them to buy anything; deliver the value first and make them realize they need your product or service.

Advise them on the course they should be taking – either by approaching them directly or use your blog or social media posts.

Follow influencers and learn how they get people engaged with their content.

Start sponsoring events if possible, mingle with the right people, collaborate – all of these eventually create better ranking for you, because your brand name will come up all the time!

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