Hey guys,

We started a whole new week!

Last week we had quite a few subjects to talk about, from the merging of Google Site Search with the Custom Search Engine, to OpenGraph metatags on social and their effect on overall SEO in the long run and finished with the new Google update, now called “The Fred Update”, after Gary Illyes’s fish, Fred.

Two weeks ago we also talked about Youtube coming to the TV, a way to combat cable television and a direct competitor – DirecTV.

Today we are going to discuss Vimeo’s declaration of war on both Facebook as well as Youtube – by offering 360° videos on the platform.

This doesn’t come to us as a surprise, as 360° is the future of video as well as advertising in general, with both VR as well as AR advance our lives and make us a little more immune to traditional advertising (i.e. digital advertising).

Ok, what’s so special about Vimeo?

First of all, Vimeo is aimed at video creators, unlike Youtube and Facebook that are aimed at amateur video creators at best.

Second, because the revenue model is way better – you get to keep 90% (!!!) of what you make from that video, after transaction costs, of course.

Considering the fact that Youtube and Facebook let you keep only 55% of what you earn (and up to perhaps 70%), a 63% markup is a great way to drive more traffic to Vimeo.

Ok, sounds cool – what’s so special about it?

First of all, you can upload videos up to 8K – with 4K being the maximum on most platforms, that is possibly a game changer, even if it’s only for a niche market to create some hype about it.

You can upload from Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas, watch videos from both Desktop as well as Mobile, with features such as intro and outro – that is something that is worth following.

You can also watch the videos offline, which is a nice time waster if you are on an airplane 🙂


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