On June 17th various tracking tools across the web reported their suspicion of a Google update.

Several sources reported about the update, e.g.:

  1. http://blog.searchmetrics.com/us/2015/06/19/google-news-wave-update-media-websites-surfing-the-winner-tide/
  2. http://www.webpronews.com/google-algorithm-update-colossus-or-news-wave-google-trends-related-2015-06/

Leading speculations regarding these sudden fluctuations are:

  1. The sudden changes are related to Wikipedia’s transition to the HTTPS protocol a few days prior, rather than being a     Google update. This is the leading theory.
  2. A number of sources estimate that an update affecting and boosting news websites have occurred.

According to MOZ’s analysis (https://moz.com/blog/the-colossus-update-waking-the-giant) this is a result of Wikipedia’s transition to HTTPS and not an update.

More Information

  1. searchmetrics.com/us/2015/06/19/google-news-wave-update-media-websites-s…
  2. webpronews.com/google-algorithm-update-colossus-or-news-wave-google-trend…
  3. https://moz.com/blog/the-colossus-update-waking-the-giant

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