Google announced the release of penguin algorithm update (called Penguin 4.0 update by SEO people).

Key changes:

  1. The algorithm is in real time so that the changes will appear faster (rather than once of every few months). This means that if you are hit by the update, you can recover faster, there is no need to wait for the next update refresh at an unknown time, after resolving the reason for the penalty, the site will recover quickly.
  2. Starting from this update, the Penguin algorithm is part of Google’s core algorithm.
  3. Another important change is that the update works on lower resolution – adjusting a specific page rank based on spam signals instead of affecting the overall site ranking. This change is very important. This means that not all the site is penalized if there are problematic links but only a single page on the site.
  4. The update affects all countries and languages. In previous updates, the update was applied only on part of the countries and languages. Starting from Penguin 4.0 update, the update appears in all countries and languages.

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