Google’s official announcement:

Update 2.0 for Google’s Penguin algorithm. This update is both an algorithm update (the new algorithm works differently than Penguin 1.0) and a data refresh which addresses the current status of sites on the web.

According to Google, 2.3% of English (US) queries were affected to a degree that is noticeable by standard search engine users.

What is known about the effects of the update itself?

  • While the first version of the update focused mainly on website home pages, the new one provides a deeper level of analysis of the inner pages of websites for more thorough spam filtering.
  • Penguin 2.0 targets advertorials – paid content which purports to be objective (source – Google’s announcement
  • This update continues to focus on the issues that were addressed by the first algorithm, among those  – link quality in the following context:
  1. Links from poor quality websites (e.g. ‘link farms’).
  2. Links from websites that are extremely irrelevant to the linking website’s topic.
  3. Paid links.
  4. An overabundance of links with exact match keywords.
  • Google specifically stated that update 2.0 addresses the following issues:
  1. Massive link buying.
  2. Link acquisitions from poor quality indices.
  3. Spam comments on blogs.

If you’ve been affected by this update:

  • This update should be treated similarly to other Penguin updates – make an effort to remove bad links, document the process and removal requests, and send a reconsideration request to Google.
  • Go through your website’s pages and locate outbound linksto poor quality websites.
  • Examine the website’s link profile to make sure it’s not overflowing with exact-match anchor text, and that the ratio between links containing keywords and links that don’t is reasonable.

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