Since 2014, Google Pigeon has made our lives easier.

The algorithm, which crawls geoposition of users (mostly via mobile), is the perfect way for marketers to show up in local results.

If you are a restaurant, a supermarket or even a gym, showing up in “gym nyc” or “restaurant 5th avenue, nyc” ranking high is perfect.

But, how exactly do you do that?

This is where Google My Business comes in –

If you add your business details such as address, the area which you cater, phone number, photos, etc – you could rank higher on search results among people who are looking for local businesses.

Whether you are a restaurant, retailer or other, you could benefit immensely from using this feature which is basically a turnkey solution to SEO with very little handling and longtailing.

Yes, you would still need to get people to review your business so you would rank higher, but you would receive priority over huge businesses that usually spend more money than you do since you are closer to the potential client’s vicinity.

You get relevant statistics for your business, including how many people actually looked at your business online, how many people proceeded to your website, etc; this, together with Google Analytics grant you access to super relevant data that could potentially increase traffic to your site or send people to your store; you would need to track these offline actions naturally, but it’s much easier this way.

Don’t forget that once you gather enough data, customers could receive relevant information such as Popular Times, which offer an insight as to when you are busy and when they should make reservations to your restaurant or when they should call and order their groceries for takeaway or delivery.

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