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We have reached the middle of the week, with St. Patrick’s just around the corner, so if you deal with the alcohol industry or brand bars for a living – now’s the time to put some more effort into it.

A question arose the other day about OpenGraph for social media and how it affects SEO.

Most webmasters were skeptical, saying that it doesn’t affect SEO per se but the sudden boost in traffic could definitely benefit the site in the long run.

What many marketers fail to understand is that you can tweak your site endlessly for conversion, but you can also do that with the power of social.

Social media is shown in search results all the time; Qwant for example shows these in search criteria.

Take a look at such an OpenGraph meta tag rich snippet in action:

The image is what attracts attention and helps in virality, which helps in boosting your ranking up as a page associated with a webpage that has a lot of engagement with, automatically gives you more exposure and traffic.

The Google rich cards work in a similar fashion, ergo content must be both text as well as visual to attract more people to engage with it.

Visual aids attract the eye, so plain text is just not enough anymore in helping you boost conversions.

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