The “No Organic Results” update is a one week Google experiment during which Google removed all of the organic results from queries that returned numerical answers such as dates, calculations, and conversions (for example: “What is the time in Los Angeles”) and instead presented only the answer to the question, Plus a link to “more results” allowing access to the usual organic results.

The experiment was approved by Google’s Danny Sullivan, and according to him, the goal is to test how people respond to a shorter load time.

If your site’s ranking was damaged this week

Since this was a onetime experiment you don’t have to do anything. It occurred in March 2018 and has not returned since. However, in case you fear this will happen again and want your site to be ready for this kind of scenario, we recommend you embed elements that Google understands as answers to questions, so that your site will be the source of information for the answer that appears.

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