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2017 has started and with it we receive winds of change.

There are new indices to follow, there are programs shutting down and in general the world is even more marketing oriented since so many services are given to users for free.

A couple years ago a new initiative emerged, called “marketing clouds”.

A marketing cloud is essentially a set of tools to automate marketing on various platforms, to offer small time agencies and business owners to combat larger SMBs and enterprises that dominate the digital marketing world.

The marketing cloud offers solutions in email marketing, social media management, analytics, metrics, overall business intelligence for the business, cross-promotion tools – you name it.

The approach is called by CMOs CDAMA: Content, Data, Analytics, Marketing and Administration.

This approach transcends over the old school marketing techniques, focusing on technology spending over any other marketing outlet; it’s the current reincarnation of the CRM.

Sean Grimes, Director of IT services for Agilisys says that, “there is no denying that Cloud Technology is creating as much disruption as the dotcom boom”.

Is it a bubble though?

Let’s talk figures:

According to a study conducted by IDC and presented by Louis Columbus on Forbes.com, forecasting 2014 through 2018 and beyond, marketing technology spending would reach $32.3B, with a 12.4% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate); that is phenomenal, as this means that the overall growth between 2014 and 2018 would be 50% within four years; that’s extraordinary.

The Future of CRM

$31.7B by 2018 with a CAGR of 6.9%, the following graphic illustrates forecasted spending by contact centers, customer service, Sales automation and naturally Marketing automation:

CRM Forecast

(Courtesy of IDC)

Marketing technology map

According to the study conducted in 2015, spending on marketing technology would increase from $20.2B in 2015 to $32.4B by 2018 (20% annual growth).

The green part of the infographic shows the functionality of CRM today:

(Courtesy of IDC)

MaaS and Growth

According to the study, 90% of all IT growth would be born by cloud based solutions, giving rise to MaaS (Marketing as a Service) initiatives taking the reins.

See that a five year plan here would constitute $130B in spending ($26B per year; more than it is today):

Technology Revenue

(Courtesy of IDC)

What’s for the future

In general, this means that web based solutions and cloud based initiatives in particular would dominate the marketing world for the foreseeable future, with spending on the rise and more room for marketing cloud startups to light the way for the people to follow.

As advocates of marketing automation in the field of SEO, ZEFO would be offering more and more engaging solutions to automate the user’s SEO efforts, thus relieving the user to focus on corporate strategy and overall management of the company.

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