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As Valentine’s Day approaches us, we see more and more ways for Google (and other search engines) to lure us to use their engine over others.

Bing has recently started offering dynamic ads to enhance the way we as marketers as well as our audience, perceive adverts online.

It works wonderfully, but what about organic search?

Google now offers a cool, carousel search to try and expand one’s search when searching a particular term to accommodate for related terms.

For example, we wrote “baby clothes”.

This carousel is a nice one, but not too smart yet, as you can see by the results:

The only thing that was related (at least by looks alone) was the infant bodysuit.

So the user interface isn’t amazing, but it’s a start.

Let’s try another term here, this time directing the system into a particular term with “athletic wear”:

The results are naturally better, but still we find irrelevance with slides or socks that aren’t necessarily tube ones, but that’s ok as those slides usually show up as Nike, Adidas, and the likes – so wear made by athletic wear companies – close enough!

Once they offer something like “men” and “women” it would be an even better experience.

Ok, let’s look for something a little more particular for geeks like us, computer games:

Much better results.

Other terms such as “cars” or “video game consoles” didn’t return carousel results, which is bad since people shop with their eyes.

Even giving specific terms for year of manufacture would not yield any results. We need to be as specific as “xbox games 2017” to get results from that year.

This new look, as well as the new AMP smart-cards are no accident – Google is trying hard to stay relevant when new contenders such as Duckduckgo and Qwant, offer pinpoint accuracy by offering search terms such as cars, social, etc – and not just expansion of search terms and related articles.

Yes, they naturally are based on stealth mode browsing of the web, but as VPNs become more and more relevant to receive better offers as the system doesn’t recognize the user, the need to be relevant increases.

What’s for the future?

The more relevant results would be shown on the carousel, the better the experience with the system; we already see mobile results offering photos, the question is if we will see any change in Adwords with photo ads, just like on Facebook or Yandex…?

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