Hey guys,

A new week will soon start, Valentine’s Day is this Tuesday and we do hope on it you will be cuddling with your significant other under the blanket, sipping some hot chocolate with baby marshmallows or taking the fancy road with chocolates, flowers and a Champagne dinner (don’t forget there are brands of Champagne not as expensive as Dom Pérignon).

We hope your SEO efforts were fruitful in producing you exposure and traction; we also hope they were supportive of your campaigns for this wonderful day, all about love, sharing, giving and receiving.

Let’s go to our main event, now shall we?

Google is testing a new way to report offensive autocomplete on its search engine, and you can file a report here.

We could all agree that this is naturally a blessed step, as more impressionable kids (as well as teens) are exposed to offensive autocomplete predictions on the net such as “how do I join ISIS” or “how to build a bomb”.

This is naturally a very puritan approach, as to not show any offensive autocomplete predictions to individuals as to reduce the risk of anyone being exposed to whatever the mass media shows on TV without restrictions, via a more censored and “clean” (as well as moderated) environment.

Don’t get us wrong, protecting individuals from offensive terms or writing “lemon” and getting “lemon party” isn’t something we would condone normally, but we do believe that this impedes the evolution of freedom of speech of the individual to some degree and people deserve to know the truth, otherwise how would people learn about dark regimes of the past?

Not everything is black and white, you know.

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