We SEO marketers know what engaged people like.

It brings us joy to see them sharing our content amongst their friends and getting a nice note from someone else mentioning you is fantastic; but are we seeing the results we are actually looking for?

One thing marketers usually do is have a blog and send a newsletter to followers to check out new entries. If it has grown an audience, people do it as frequently as possible; but what if we are still taking our baby steps?

This is where content syndication comes in handy.

In general, content syndication means that I distribute (or publish) my work on different third party sites, such as having a blog and posting an excerpt of it on Linkedin or Medium.

Naturally, that is great but how well does it actually convert?

If we take the following media as nexuses, we can expect to grow the number of viewers organically, especially if we tag relevant people in the process or even process.use Influencer marketing But remember, not every type of article translates well on each outlet.

Medium for example is more of an open diary, where different kind of people can read different kind of articles by a full spectrum of writers.

On the other hand, Linkedin is a professional social media platform where industry experts meet and discuss relevant business plans; an article about struggling with rent or taking a road trip might not be suitable where most articles are about how you should handle your employees or how you were able to retain 35% of website visitors by introducing a bot that asks relevant questions.

But, the more frequent your articles are posted on different platforms, the more likely you would gain more views; converting these views to a new audience would be the challenge where you need to A/B test what kind of articles could be posted on Pinterest, on your blog, on Linkedin and on Medium and if they would need to be edited or tailored to suit different kinds of people.

Some bloggers for example give a link to the original article, since the same audience could pay a visit to both Linkedin as well as Medium, while others prefer pretending to offer “original content” on any given platform.

Be wary though of search engines labeling your content syndication as content duplication.

If you create good content, don’t keep it to yourself only (your blog) – share it with the masses and see your numbers grow; it won’t be a walk in the park, but once it’s on the menu, people would always want it.

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