What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a free platform designed to create flexible, dynamic reports. Data studio connects to various sources of information including Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Search Console and others.

Data Studio shows dynamic, real-time data. Designing reports using Drag & Drop is simple and flexible and includes various types of graphs and tables so you can present your data in any shape or colour you choose.

The ZEFO Data Studio Connector makes the connection between ZEFO and Data studio which enables integrating ZEFO data in customized Data Studio reports.

Building a Data Studio report using data from ZEFO

  1. Creating a Data Studio key in ZEFO.

    Click on the Logo at the top of your screen > “Settings” > “Data Connections” > “Data Studio” and then “Generate Key”

    Give your key a name and then click “Generate Key”.data studio generate key

  2. Go to Data Studio, Click “Create” and choose “Data Source”.
  3. Search or Scroll down to Find ZEFO.
  4. Now you can copy the key you created (stage 1) and paste in the designated spot.
  5. Choose the type of ZEFO data you need, the responsible user and websites required, and then click “Connect”.

    Please note: The data type: “Keywords” also requires selecting labels.

  6. At this point, we recommend you explore the new connection before you create a report, especially if you’re new to Data Studio or if this is the first ZEFO connection you’ve made with Data Studio.
  7. Creating a report – this is the part all Data Studio users are familiar with. Edit the tables, choose graphs, add connections (for example – Search Console) and build the report that suits your needs. You can also use this template for keywored connection.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us about the Data Studio ZEFO Connector, or any other topic!

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