Many eCommerce marketers ask each year what they should do, how should they approach their clients, how would they get more sales going and where they should focus their efforts.

We are sure you read the latest stats from last November,  stating that mobile devices accounted for over a third of all sales done on Black Friday.

The figures were overwhelming, with Black Friday sales mounting at a whopping $5 Billion turnover ($5.27 Billion to be exact), with over $1.2 Billion spent on mobile devices.

These figures are $3.34 Billion on Black Friday and $1.93 Billion spent on Thanksgiving – we are sure eBay, Amazon and even Aliexpress were really thankful for this prosperous bounty.

These figures are so extraordinary, that the smart marketer should turn one’s focus to mobile if one hadn’t done so yet.

With so many deals done on Black Friday and Thanksgiving all together, who knows what sales could look like on Christmas, considering the fact 2015’s Christmas sales were the best in the last five years.

It’s not about being mobile friendly anymore, but mobile first.

Aliexpress learnt that the first time it has gamified its mobile app for 2015’s Single’s Day (11.11), offering incredible deals on mobile with coins that could be collected and exchanged for coupons. Aliexpress still offers mobile only deals which take off an extra 5%-8% on each item you buy (on average, if applicable), making sure shoppers always use their app with hundreds of millions already downloaded it and MAUs for Alibaba as a whole standing at 427 million, which accounted for 75% of all gross merchandise volume for 2016.

That’s remarkable and incredible at the same time, and marketers in the West should follow suit as soon as possible, as mobile becomes the preferred way of shopping online these days.

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