As a market leader, Google wishes to stay on top of things and to update its products and services regularly so when we heard that Google has decided to update its Google Search Console reports for both AMP as well as Rich Cards, it came to us as no surprise.

To those of you who aren’t familiar with Rich Cards, they are a way to better display information visually, such as here:

The report itself for Rich Cards is based on a stacked chart where the top pile shows you the sum of errors or recommendations and measures to be taken on your site, with the second layer showing the critical and noncritical errors for the selected card type and the third and last layer shows all pages affected by the rules in these cards with Google’s recommendations on how to approach each one.

The AMP report shows a similar report on how the AMP pages are indexed and if there are any indescrepencies or errors, they would be highlighted for immediate attention.

As the Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative pushes onwards, with Google ranking mobile first content (mobile friendly or AMP) further up search results, it is imperative that the Search Console reports about these factors would be updated.

Unfortunately, Google has not been clear as to what webmasters and marketers should expect – if numbers are to go up or down or if there was any other impact.

As webmasters and marketers alike, we were alerted of this change via the Search Console which is great, but without knowing what kind of impact (if it all) this change in reporting has such as: numbers going up or down and data lacunae, how are we expected to cope with such a change in reporting?

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