We’ve been contemplating for a long time on wether we should open this blog or not…
On the one hand it seems like everyone has a blog these days.
On the other – we really love sharing our opinions and thoughts on digital marketing and listening to yours.
So… welcome to our humble abode and if you are more of a social media preson you can also visit our Facebook page.

In case you are wondering on what you will find in this blog, it’s a little bit of everything you’ll find posts on SEO, SMM, and SEM and right next to them general news on whats new in the online world it sounds like a lot of subjects but when we give our 2 cents on a certain subject – we provide a strong case and back it with relevant sources of information and accurate data.

who are we?
Since 2005 we have been specializing as a full service SEO company. Throughout the years we’ve combined cutting edge technology with our knowledge of SEO, using the tools we’ve developed for our internal projects. In 2010 we decided to devote ourselves to what we truly love – developing tools. We’ve steered away from consulting services in order to focus solely on the development of ZEFO.

warning! this is where we get all marketing and disgusting:

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