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The Pirate Update / DMCA Penalty

Update Date:
Aug 10, 2012

The Pirate Update (or the DMCA Penalty update), aims to penalize websites that have repeatedly received removal requests for copyright infringing content.

Any internet user can file a removal request to Google using their designated tool. In this update, Google only counts filed removal requests that have been verified as valid.

Google was able to implement this algorithm update due to the immense amount of requests they’ve been receiving (tens of millions of requests each month), which serves as an adequate statistical measure to be used as a parameter for the search engine’s algorithm.

Dealing with this update after we we’ve already been hit is difficult next to impossible. The best way to handle this update is to provide our users with a convenient mechanism that’ll allow them to report any copyright infringement issues they might encounter, and – in the event that they are received – taking care of any such reports as soon as possible so that our users wouldn’t need to resort to Google in order to report copyright infringing content on our website.

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