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Google Core Update - January 2020

Update Date:
Jan 13, 2020

Core Updates Features:

·         They are global and occur in all countries and languages at the same time.

·         Google announces the core update is rolling out and specifying the update is about improving the quality and relevance of search result and not focused on a specific signal. Therefore, according to Google, there is nothing special you can do or fix in order to prepare your website, except improving the quality of the site in accordance with Google's guidelines.

·         Most of the update occurs within 2-3 days and take about two weeks to stabilize.

What did we see in the current update?

As in previous core updates, we noticed major impact on YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) websites - in particular in health, lifestyle and finance. In retail, the impact was more moderate.

Most of ranking declines are associated with websites that do not have a reliable and authoritative source, such as portals and blogs. Sites with an authoritative brand behind them have also declined, falling behind websites with an even bigger authoritative brand.

What exactly happened here and what to do if your site has declined?

Until a few years ago, Google used to explain the essence of each major update, so after identifying the common denominator, it was possible to characterize which sites were affected, giving basic clues to the essence of each update and what you need to fix if your site has been affected. In addition, Google use you define each algorithm by its type: Identifying quality / Relevance / Spam

In recent years, big updates are core updates, and they work differently.
We assume core updates are based on AI algorithms: learning the characteristics of what users consider to be a good site and examining similar sites according to the same characteristics.
These algorithms are updated and improved with every core update, but they are still inaccurate and so every now and then we will see errors which will be fixed in the core updates that follow.
It is not uncommon to see a website declining after a core update, recovers back in the next core update only to fall back again in the core update that follows.


Despite the inaccuracies we see from time to time, most changes we measured have actually improved search results. And so our recommendation (although banal) is to continue improving the quality of the site and the user experience.
Website optimization - Very important, to help Google understand the focus and relevance of your content.
Backlinks - Also important since being a strong signal that reflects high quality sites.
Always remember that these two parameters are just some of the signals Google looks at when determining the quality of a website.

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