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We're here to free up your time for the important things!

Since 2005 we have been specializing as a full service SEO company. Throughout the years we've combined cutting edge technology with our knowledge of SEO, using the tools we've developed for our internal projects. In 2010 we decided to devote ourselves to what we truly love - developing tools. We've steered away from consulting services in order to focus solely on the development of ZEFO.

Since then, we are guided by several principles:

  1. Every task that can be automated - should be automated.

  2. Alongside advanced analyses, we preserve all the information that is collected - all search results, all sources of information - knowledge is power and historical knowledge is information that will not be obtained in the future.

  3. Do not provide an excess of information, do not provide insufficient information. SEOs need information from various sources to help them make definitive conclusions. ZEFO draws information from over 20 different sources (and is constantly adding new data sources). On the other hand, an excess of data will obscure the most important information - we carefully combine the information on every screen in order to make all the information you see valuable.

  4. Information needs to be reliable. We spend a great deal of resources in order to provide our clients with the most accurate information.


We're pleased to offer our services in order to improve your campaigns.

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